Graduate School

Graduate School of Health and Welfare Science

Nurturing outstanding professionals in health preservation, healthcare, and welfare

Master’s Degree

■ Master’s Course of Nursing Science

With looming aging population problem and the era of advanced medical care, high-quality healthcare services are in high demand. To meet those needs, the Master’s Course aims to cultivate professionals versed in more specialized skills who can reconstruct the nursing sciences and provide leadership.

■ Master’s Course of Nutritional Science

The course aims to nurture nutrition specialists who possess advanced knowledge and skills. A major characteristic of the course is the opportunity to receive state-of-the-art research guidance in cooperation with excellent research organizations outside the university.

■ Master’s Course of Health and Welfare Science

Students will learn skills and gain knowledge necessary to create an environment in which children, the elderly and disabled can lead healthy, vigorous lives as well as being able to proactively participate in society. In practical terms, research on health and welfare systems that meet the needs of a society with a low birthrate and an aging population, the development of methods to evaluate the mind and body of applicable individuals, and the evaluation and development of welfare devices and support technologies will be carried out.

Doctorate Degree

■ Doctorate Course of Health and Welfare Science

Candidates will conduct research to scientifically approach the issues relating to human welfare and health from multiple angles including life, nutrition, nursing and welfare. While further deepening the scholarship of the health and welfare sciences and aiming to construct a base for academic research on the maintenance and improvement of the health of local citizens, the Doctoral Course nurtures researchers and educators who possess advanced knowledge and can propose resolutions to various problems relating to health and welfare.