Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering

Department of Information and Communication Engineering

To Become New Information and Communication Engineers Who Conveys “Feelings”

Information and communication engineering is a discipline that digitizes information, converts it into electrical signals, transmits it via networks and spaces, and processes it accurately. The smartphones and the Internet which are familiar to us are some of the best examples of information and communication engineering.
In the Department of Information and Communication Engineering, students will study science and technology of information engineering, communication engineering, and electronic engineering during the first three years. In the fourth year, they will conduct graduation research in their perspective fields of specializations. Many graduates are active in the cutting−edge information and communication engineering field in society.
Let us study together at the Department of Information and Communication Engineering.

Placements after Graduation

・Graduate School
・Network Engineer
・Planning and Development of Communication Circuits
・Planning and Development of Electronic Devices
・Planning and Development of LSI
・System Engineer
・Communications Service Provider

Department of Systems Engineering

Creating the Future of Machines and Information

As Society 5.0, highly integrated combination of cyber space (virtual space) and physical space (real space), connects IoT with all people and things, as a result, artificial intelligence (AI), robots, self−driving cars, etc. will become more familiar to us.
Hence, the Department of Systems Engineering aims to acquire such sciences as information engineering that can contribute to the development of computers, mechanical engineering for manufacturing based on mechanics, and interface engineering that connects people with machines and computers. We also encourage students to imbibe a sense of cross−disciplinary understanding, independence, cooperation, and proactive participation in the creation of new engineering based on the premise of global culture and humanity.

Placements after Graduation

・Graduate School
・Information and Communication Industry
・Electronics Manufacturer
・Precision Device Manufacturer
・Machine and Transportation Device Manufacturer

Department of Human Information Engineering

Human Development for Manufacturing Products Close to People

When people drive a vehicle, they recognize the information on surrounding the vehicle and make decisions to operate accordingly. Support systems for such actions are practically used. Hence it is important to develop devices and systems able to adapt to the dynamic characteristics of humans.
Based on the philosophy “human-centered design”, the Department of Human Information Engineering will train the professional engineers to design ʻobjectsʼ and ʻservicesʼ in accordance with the needs and characteristics of users.
Therefore, we integrally learn human science and information engineering through: analytical courses for human body functions, human movements and behaviors; mathematical courses for scientifically recognizing human environment changes, biological functional courses; and engineering courses. In the graduation project, in-depth knowledge of the research subject, research design ability, and ability to conduct research are cultivated.

Placements after Graduation

・Graduate School
・Healthcare and Welfare Related Firms
・Manufacturing Industry
・Information Service Industry
・Sports Related Industry
・Civil Service etc.