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Hideaki Tsuji

Okayama Prefectural University develops and supports the career formulation of professionals who are engaged in society, and possess deep educational cultivation, high specialization, and an abundant sense of humanity.

This university was opened in 1993, and currently consists of the three faculties of the Faculty of Health and Welfare Science, the Faculty of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, and the Faculty of Design. In recent years, with the progression of globalization, declining birth-rate and aging population, the environment surrounding Japan has changed drastically. In order to respond to these societal changes appropriately, the University is unceasingly reviewing the nature of our education and research, and in addition to adopting intellectual study experiences and interactive classes, it has also established a system to check the teaching methods and the content of classes. The university has also enhanced the liberal arts and the global education that aims to improve English proficiency, and the understanding of different cultures. Okayama Prefectural University will implement our specialized education based on the foundation of these principles.

President Hideaki Tsuji
(Dr. Agriculture)

About Us